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Hi. I'm Anthony Vincent

& I am the voice of Ten Second Songs.

Ten Second Songs was my way of putting my music production and vocal techniques on display for businesses and individuals who were interested in voice-over work, the creation of custom songs, and jingles. As fate would have it, my first "20 Styles" video went viral, in 2014, and over the following year I have been given a chance to share some of my favorite music with millions of people.  - Anthony Vincent Valbiro

Have you met my band?

"Set The Charge"

Set The Charge is an original four-piece Hard Rock act from Westchester, New York. With the framework for the band being laid down in 2005, Set The Charge had largely been a studio project until early 2014 when brothers –and founding members- Frank and Anthony Valbiro began playing shows as a two-piece. After playing shows at venues like Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre, in Port Chester, NY; and a slew of shows in the New York City rock club circuit, the stars began to align and the longtime two-piece had connected with its missing pieces – Derek Ortiz and Tom Dicarlucci.


For more information about Set The Charge visit our website.

Check out our NEW EP Auditory Insemination which dropped in April 2015.



Vocals, Rhythm Guitar / Anthony Vincent Valbiro | Lead Guitar / Tom Dicarlucci | Bass / Derek Ortiz | Drums / Frank Valbiro