Have you met my band?

"Set The Charge"

Set The Charge is an original four-piece Hard Rock act from Westchester, New York. With the framework for the band being laid down in 2005, Set The Charge had largely been a studio project until early 2014 when brothers –and founding members- Frank and Anthony Valbiro began playing shows as a two-piece. After playing shows at venues like Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre, in Port Chester, NY; and a slew of shows in the New York City rock club circuit, the stars began to align and the longtime two-piece had connected with its missing pieces – Derek Ortiz and Tom Dicarlucci.


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Check out our NEW EP Auditory Insemination which dropped in April 2015.



Vocals, Rhythm Guitar / Anthony Vincent Valbiro | Lead Guitar / Tom Dicarlucci | Bass / Derek Ortiz | Drums / Frank Valbiro